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Botanical Body Care

Herbs and Natural Healing for your whole body.

This enlightening book is a quintessential volume in health and healing and herbal medicine - a wealth of knowledge on using herbs too cleanse and revitalize each system of your body!

A practical guide, it also provides 84 herbal recipes, emphasizing their practical use in making food your medicine by integrating herbs into your daily life.

Botanical Body Care by Karin Uphoff

    Tedx Mendocino
    February 4th, 2012

    Occupy Your Body
    This talk suggests that by truly occupying our body, we are able to access the natural intelligence that is our birthright. Throughout our evolution, the chemistry of plants have provided our cells with an interface for connecting with all of nature. By befriending the body, we have access to that intelligence, which may help us to adapt to future change.

Also offered as a class:
Occupy Your Body, Principles of Natural Healing Part II
College of the Redwoods Community Education
September 6,13,20,27
Click here for flyer.

As a Health Practitioner, I'm surprised to find myself writing about creating strong health to protect against possible radiation exposure. But with the reactor meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan last week, we need to practice extra diligence in preventative health care and my many natural tips. Check back regularly for this new ongoing series!

New Recipes Available! Click here -->

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Karin has been conducting radio interviews and is a Contributing Editor at Women's Radio. The following links may be of interest:

An insightful, articulate, literate and eminently usable book!

Karin seamlessly integrates her perspective on how the body works with herbal and lifestyle insights, making this one of the best expressions of the cleanse-based herbalism I have read.

Botanical Body Care is a perfect blend of the practical and inspirational - a welcome addition to the library of all concerned with holistic health care.

David Hoffmann
Herbalist and author of The Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal

I am especially impressed with the balance of this book: the diet and herbal suggestions, recipes, quotations, and especially the physiology, come together to create a holistic offering that fills a gap in the available herbal/health books.

Donna d'Terra
Herbalist, teacher and founder of the Herbalist Mentoring Network of Mendocino County

I found this book useful throughout, filled with excellent formulas and therapies for each body system, and helpful suggestions for maintaining health and well-being. Written with clarity, intelligence, and a healthy dose of spirit, Botanical Body Care is an exceptional tool for herbalists, students, and healthcare professionals interested in a more profound understanding of how herbs work in the body.

Rosemary Gladstar
Herbalist, and author of Herbal Healing for Women and The Gladstar Family Herbal

This easy-to-use handbook describes how our body works in simple terms, and then how to treat basic problems holistically, with diet, well established herbal formulas, and lifestyle changes. There is a great need for such a simple, yet actually profound approach. Too many modern books are based on 'the latest discoveries,' applying alternatives in a non-holistic fashion to health problems. Here we have time-tested methods which are grounded in a basic knowledge of how the organism works. Both the perspective and the therapy is holistic. I highly recommend this book to all both beginners and experts.

Matthew Wood
Registered Herbalist (AHG), MSc. (Herbal Medicine)

Impressive and thoroughly reader friendly, Botanical Body Care is an invaluable addition to personal and community library Health & Medicine collections, and especially recommended reading for health practitioners, students of the healing arts, nutritionists, dietitians, and non-specialist general readers seeking to take better care of themselves and their families.

Diane C. Donovan
Editor, Library Bookwatch